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Status: Free
The universal SERIAL EEPROM and microcontrollers programmer


• Support more than 500 chip types of different manufacturers.
• Easy to use Windows 98/ME/2000/XP software.
• High - speed programming.
• ISP connection quality tester ("Pin Tester").
• Two programming modes - 8 and 16 bit.
• Data reading functions.
• Data programming functions.
• Data verification functions.
• Programming / reading configuration (fuse) bits functions.
• Automatic detection of wrong target chip power connection.
• Communication with PC via a parallel port (LPT1 or LPT2).
• Support the Bin, EEP, Intel HEX file formats.
• Powerful tools for programmer hardware self-testing.
• Built-in powerful 8/16 bit HEX editor.

Additional items You'll need to use this tool:
1) Host: A x86 based PC with WinXP
2) Free LPT communication port
3) Power supply: An DC 12 Volt / 500 mA


Supported devices:

AT24C01, AT24C01A, AT24C02, AT24C02A, AT24C04, AT24C04A, AT24C08, AT24C08A, AT24C128, AT24C16, AT24C164, AT24C21, AT24C256, AT24C32, AT24C512, AT24C64, CAT24C01, CAT24C02, CAT24C04, CAT24C08, CAT24C16, CAT24C32, CAT24C64, CAT24WC01, CAT24WC02, CAT24WC03, CAT24WC04, CAT24WC05, CAT24WC08, CAT24WC09, CAT24WC128, CAT24WC129, CAT24WC16, CAT24WC17, CAT24WC256, CAT24WC257, CAT24WC32, CAT24WC33, CAT24WC64, CAT24WC65, XL24C02, XL24C04, XL24C08, XL24C16, FM24C02U, FM24C02UF, FM24C02UFL, FM24C02UL, FM24C03U, FM24C03UF, FM24C03UFL, FM24C03UL, FM24C04U, FM24C04UL, FM24C05U, FM24C05UL, FM24C05UFL, FM24C08U, FM24C08UL, FM24C08ULZ, FM24C16U, FM24C16UF, FM24C16UFL, FM24C16UL, FM24C17U, FM24C17UFL, FM24C17UL, HT24C01, HT24C02, HT24C04, HT24C08, HT24C16, HT24LC01, HT24LC02, HT24LC04, HT24LC08, HT24LC16, IS24C01, IS24C02, IS24C04, IS24C16, IS24C64, 24AA00, 24AA01, 24AA02, 24AA04, 24AA08, 24AA128, 24AA16, 24AA164, 24AA256, 24AA32, 24AA32A, 24AA64, 24C00, 24C01A, 24C01B, 24C01C, 24C02A, 24C02B, 24C02C, 24C04A, 24C08B, 24C16B, 24C32, 24C64, 24LC00, 24LC01B, 24LC02B, 24LC024, 24LC025, 24LC04B, 24LC08B, 24LC128, 24LC16B, 24LC164, 24LC21, 24LC21A, 24LC32, 24LC32A, 24LC64, M24C02, M24C04, M24C08, M24C16, M24C32, M24C64, NM24C02, NM24C02F, NM24C02L, NM24C02LZ, NM24C03, NM24C03F, NM24C03L, NM24C03LZ, NM24C04, NM24C04F, NM24C04L, NM24C04LZ, NM24C05, NM24C05F, NM24C05L, NM24C05LZ, NM24C08, NM24C08F, NM24C08L, NM24C08LZ, NM24C09, NM24C09F, NM24C09L, NM24C16, NM24C16F, NM24C16L, NM24C17, NM24C17F, NM24C17L, NM24C65, NM24C65L, FM24C04, FM24C16, BR24C01A, BR24C02, BR24C04, BR24C08, S24C01A, S24C02A, S24C04A, S24C08A, S24C16A, ST24C01, ST24C02, ST24C04, ST24C08, ST24C16, ST24E16, ST24W01, ST24W01C, ST24W02, ST24W02C, ST24W04, ST24W04C, ST24W08, ST24W08C, ST24W16
AK93C46, AK93C55, AK93C65, AT93C46, AT93C56, AT93C57, AT93C66, AT93C86, CAT93C46, CAT93C46A, CAT93C56, CAT93C56A, CAT93C57, CAT93C66, CAT93C66A, CAT93C86, CAT93C86A, XL93LC06A, XL93LC46, XL93LC46A, XL93LC56, XL93LC56A, XL93LC66, XL93LC66A, FM93C06, FM93C06L, FM93C46, FM93C46A, FM93C46L, FM93C56, FM93C56A, FM93C56L, FM93C66, FM93C66A, FM93C66L, FM93C86, FM93C86A, FM93CS46, FM93CS56, FM93CS66, HT93LC46, HT93LC56, HT93LC66, HY93C46, IS93C46, IS93C56, IS93C66, 93AA46, 93AA56, 93AA66, 93AA76, 93AA86, 93C06, 93C46, 93C46B, 93C56, 93C56A, 93C56B, 93C66, 93C66A, 93C66B, 93C76, 93C86, 93LC46, 93LC46A, 93LC46B, 93LC56, 93LC56A, 93LC56B, 93LC66, 93LC66A, 93LC66B, 93LC76, 93LC86, 93LCS56, 93LCS66, NM93C06, NM93C06L, NM93C46, NM93C46A, NM93C46AL, NM93C46L, NM93C56, NM93C56A, NM93C56AL, NM93C56L, NM93C66, NM93C66A, NM93C66A, NM93C66AL, NM93C66AL, NM93C66L, NM93C86, NM93C86A, NM93C86A, NM93C86AL, NM93C86AL, NM93C86L, NM93CS06, NM93CS06L, NM93CS46, NM93CS46L, NM93CS56, NM93CS56L, NM93CS66, NM93CS66L, NMC9306, NMC9346, BR93LC46, BR93LC56, BR93LC66, KM93C06, KM93C07, KM93C46, S93C46A, S93C56A, S93C66A, ST93C06, ST93C46A, ST93C46C, ST93C56, ST93C66, ST93C76, ST93C86, ST93CS46, ST93CS47, ST93CS56, ST93CS57, ST93CS66, ST93CS67,
AT25010, AT25020, AT25040, AT25080, AT25128, AT25160, AT25256, AT25320, AT25640, FM25040, FM25160, FM25C020U, FM25C040U, FM25C160U, FM25C640U, 25AA040, 25AA080, 25AA160, 25AA640, 25C040, 25C080, 25C160, 25C320, 25C640, 25LC040, 25LC080, 25LC160, 25LC320, 25LC640, NM25C020, NM25C040, NM25C160, NM25C640, SLA25C080, SLA25C160, X25020, X25040, X25080, X25128, X25160, X25320, X25650,
AK6410A, AK6420A, AK6440A, AK6480A, AT17C64, AT17C128, AT17C256, AT17LV64, AT17LV128, AT17LV256, AT59C11, CAT25C02, CAT25C04, CAT25C08, CAT25C128, CAT25C16, CAT25C256, CAT25C32, CAT25C64, CAT35C102, CAT35C104, CAT64LC10, CAT64LC20, CAT64LC40, XL9010, XL9020, XL9021, XL9040, BAW574252, ER1400, ER5911, ER59256, NVM3060, MDA2061, MDA2062, 59C11, 85C72C, 85C82C, 85C92C, M6M80011P, M6M80021P, M6M80041P, MCM2814, uPD6254, PCF8582C, PCF8594C, PCF8598C, BR9010, BR9010F, BR9016, BR9016F, BR9020, BR9021, BR9020F, BR9040, BR9040F, BR9080, BR9080F, S2100A, S2444R, S24H30, S24S30, S24H45, S24S45, S29130A, S29220A, S29230A, S29330A, CXK1011, CXK1012, CXK1013, CXK1024, M24128, M24256, M24256, M24512, M24C01, M35080 incremental registers eraser!!!, M8571, ST25C01, ST25C02, ST25C04, ST25C08, ST25C16, ST25E16, ST25E16D, ST25E32D, ST25E64D, ST25W01, ST25W02, ST25W04, ST25W08, ST25W16, ST59C11, ST95P08, SDA2506, SDA2516, SDA2526, SDA2546, SDA2586, SDA3526, SDE2506, SDE2516, SDE2526, SDE2546, SDE2586, TC89101P, TC89102P, TC89121P, X24C00, X24C01, X24C01A, X24C02, X24C04, X24C08, X24C16, X24C44, X24C45, X24325, X24645


Software interface



Software. ver. 1.23
WinXP LPT error fix
User manual
Schematic schematic.pdf
ESmartProg is compatible with Orion programmer hardware